“The European continent has once again enveloped itself in a toxic cloud of antisemitism and European Jews today find themselves cornered from all sides”

Smashing Jewish Skulls in Europe
by Judith Bergman
November 16, 2017

Last week, an elderly Jewish woman from London’s Stamford Hill neighborhood, which has a large Orthodox Jewish population, had her head smashed into a brick wall by a Polish man yelling “Zyd” (Polish for Jew) at her. It must have slipped the attacker’s mind that the time for smashing Jewish skulls with impunity belongs to the not so distant past, when Europeans hunted Jews as a recreational pastime. On the other hand, the Polish assailant may have simply thought that it is open season on Jews in Europe once again. After all, all he has to do is look around him to see that Jews are once more hunted in the streets of Europe and that very little happens to their tormentors as a consequence. To begin with, the only non-Jewish media outlet that even bothered to report the attack was Breitbart News. Ironically, the same Breitbart that is vilified as being ‘anti-Semitic’, despite its consistently pro-Israel stance. READ MORE

BREITBART New York Times’ Bret Stephens Embraces Anti-Israel Propaganda to Bash Steve Bannon

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