Is this factually correct? “The more cultures in a multicultural society, the more cultural diversity, the better”

Mass Migration: Uninvited Guests
by Philip Carl Salzman
December 31, 2017

Refugees and immigrants bring their own cultures, their own assumptions, beliefs, values, fears and hopes from their homelands. One cannot just assume that they wish to integrate or assimilate into the Western culture. Willingness to assimilate might well vary from individual to individual, and from culture to culture….A society can only function smoothly if there is a large degree of agreement and commonality regarding to what language people shall speak, what rules they should follow in dealing with one another, and how government is to be established. Where is it written that all cultures are necessarily compatible with one another? READ MORE

FRONT PAGE MAG Muslim Migrants’ Jew-Hatred

GATESTONE If You Hate America, Why Not Go Back to Your Country?

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1 Response to Is this factually correct? “The more cultures in a multicultural society, the more cultural diversity, the better”

  1. Zane says:

    no, the “more cultures in a multicultural society” and “more cultural diversity is better” is not correct if islam is involved. islam brings nothing but blood and disloyalty into the cultures they assimilate into, but do not take part of. For example, syrian refugees who move to Canada, turning once nice neighborhoods into slums and when some are asked questions about their new surroundings, they respond with remarks like “I like syria better than Canada” with a sarcastic emotion that expresses animosity for their new surroundings. I have read and watched videos of these families and how the muslim refugee children throw bricks at Canadian children and when the muslim mother comes out, it isn’t to stop her violent children. She starts throwing bricks at the neighborhood children along side her violent brats! islam is a religion filled with hate, blood, torture, murder, rapine (Rotherham England ia an example with over 1,400 rapes and branding with the letter “M” to innocent little girls approx 6 & 7 years old) the countries these muslims leave are war zones, and they bring that life style with them into their new communities.
    All anyone has to do is do a search to verify this as the confirming news stories are so numerous that the web addresses alone would go over the maximum characters allowed in the comment section.
    Therefore, do a search on these facts and while you are at it, also search the subjects of muslim inbreeding and halal slaughtering of animals and watch the videos of those evils, particularly the latter. That is, if you can stand it, most normal people cannot. Halal slaughter is the most grotesque, inhumane and disgusting torture and killing of animals on the planet. Especially vs. Kosher slaughter and western methods of using the air gun to the base of the brain thus immediately rendering the animal paralyzed and unable to feel pain. The muslim’s voracious appetite for blood and list of their atrocities could go on indefinitely but since this is a comment, we will leave room for others with similar concerns.


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