Son of Democrat Congressman Mel Levine: “Coming out as Republican worse than coming out gay”

Coming Out As A Republican To My Democrat Family Went Worse Than Coming Out Gay
by Adam Levine
January 9, 2018

I reached my threshold where no amount of hypothetical Republican bigotry or greed could approach the magnitude of hypocrisy, corruption, or criminality I saw rotting Democrats….When, in my adulthood, the liberal policy agenda became problematic for me, I found myself at a loss. I began to raise questions with my family and friends, and met resistance. It was not because my concerns were particularly inappropriate; I was just not supposed to be questioning at all. One could disagree with nuances, but not the judgment of the (then) president, or the party. Period. The irony of this apparent intolerance for diversity of thought by the party claiming to champion the rights of groups underserved by the status quo was not lost on me. READ MORE

THE BLAZE His liberal family was ‘overjoyed’ when he came out as gay — but not when he came out for Trump: “I have been unfriended en masse on social media and excoriated by friends who deign to remain,” he added. “And I have been singly excluded from social gatherings when the rest of my family was invited”

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