“Army allows reporters into destroyed Islamic Jihad tunnel, gives a peek at construction of underground barrier that will wall off the Strip by end of 2019”

In the sand around Gaza, Israel and Hamas dig in a literal race to the bottom
by Judah Ari Gross
January 18, 2018

…On Thursday, the military allowed journalists to visit the tunnel, which was dug by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group, as well as two construction sites where workers were drilling deep underground to create the reinforced, sensor-laden concrete walls of a massive underground barrier that is meant to surround the Gaza Strip and put an end to the subterranean terror threat once and for all. In the coming weeks and months, as construction progresses, the military expects to find and destroy several more attack tunnels that enter Israeli territory from Gaza. The subterranean wall it is building will deny Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other Gaza-based terrorist groups what is arguably the only strategic weapon they currently possess, a fact that he said is slowly dawning on them. READ MORE

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