#MeToo “Grown women apparently can’t make up their own minds or speak for themselves. Call in the chaperones”

#MeToo’s Awkward Side Effects
by Heather Wilhelm
February 7, 2018

…As National Review’s Kyle Smith recently noted in the New York Postmajor companies are now cutting back on men and women traveling together for business. Many state legislators in Florida will no longer meet in private with female lobbyists and staffers, with some requesting chaperones, those sober adult guides formerly reserved for school dances and field trips. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal (“Can You Still Date a Co-Worker? Well, It’s Complicated”tells us, corporations across the U.S. are “drawing a hard line in the sand” when it comes to employee relationships. The assumption is that grown adults can’t do it themselves. READ MORE

HOT AIR No Surprise. Male Mentors Now Significantly Less Likely To Work With Women

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