France’s President Macron finds time during Holocaust remembrance visit to take a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas famed holocaust-denier

Hosting Macron, Abbas says he hopes France will recognize Palestine
by Adam Rasgon
January 23, 2020

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met French President Emmanuel Macron in Ramallah late Wednesday evening and expressed his hope that France will recognize the State of Palestine, the official PA news site Wafa reported. Macron arrived in Ramallah some five hours later than originally planned after spending the day meeting Israeli officials in Jerusalem, touring the city and taking part in a dinner at the Israeli President’s Residence…While several EU countries have recognized Palestine, the majority of its members, including France, the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, have not. READ MORE

THE JEWISH CHRONICLE The BBC has shamed itself with Orla Guerin’s Holocaust report Last night (and repeated today), BBC News broadcast her latest report from Jerusalem. Even by Ms Guerin’s standards, this was something truly shocking. In all honesty, I cannot recall a more foul – sickening, indeed – report by any journalist, either in print or broadcast.

ARUTZ SHEVA Pomp and circumstance As touching as all the speeches for Jews six feet under, the abstaining, Iran-supporting, Abbas-funding Europeans would look authentic if they ended their anti-Israel bias, instead of wiping off that single crocodile tear to the sound of Hatikvah.

TIMES OF ISRAEL Prince Charles in Bethlehem: ‘It breaks my heart’ to see Palestinian suffering Speech by heir to the UK throne, urging ‘freedom, justice, equality,’ described by TV station as ‘biggest show of support ever’ for the Palestinians by a member of the royal family

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