“Was there anything Polish about Nazi death camps in Poland?”

Poland’s Attempt to Deny History
by Joseph Puder
February 5, 2018

Whether by coincidence or intentionally, the Polish Parliament in Warsaw decided to use the week of the Annual International Holocaust Commemoration to act on a draft bill that issues a fine or a prison term to anyone who suggests that Poles are responsible for Nazi crimes committed in Poland. The bill was approved last week in the lower house of the Polish Parliament, and it is expected to be passed by the Senate before being signed into law by Poland’s president.  The draft proposes fines or a three-year jail term for anyone who refers to Nazi death camps as being Polish.  While it is true that Germans, not Poles, created and operated the death camps, and likewise true that thousands of Catholic Poles risked their lives and their families in protecting and saving their Jewish neighbors, many more anti-Semitic Catholic Poles were complicit in the murder of the Jews. READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL Dershowitz: Poland Seeks to Censor History

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