“Shockingly, VOA’s Internet coverage headlined Iranian state media and their leaders while burying President Trump’s tweets supporting the protestors”

Voice Of America In Iran Propagandizes For The Ayatollahs
by Ziva Dahl
March 22, 2018

Why do people in Iran call the U.S. Voice of America (VOA) the “Voice of Ayatollahs” Tragically, rather than promote our national interests, VOA regurgitates Iranian regime propaganda. Millions of Iranians hunger for freedom from their repressive, theocratic regime —as evidenced by the 2009 Green Movement uprising and the recent protests in December and January. As a totalitarian society, Tehran fears and restricts its citizens’ unfettered access to information, forcing upon them a diet of Iranian indoctrination. READ MORE

POLITICO U.S. busts ‘massive’ Iranian hacking scheme

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