“In Obama’s defense, interfering in Israel’s elections had almost become a Democratic Party tradition”

The hypocrisy of American election investigations into Israel
by Seth Lipsky
May 23, 2018

…After all, if the United States wants to investigate meddling in foreign elections, Israel is a great place to look. Just not for the reason Mueller & Co. think. Just a few years ago in 2015, then-President Barack Obama threw everything he had into an effort to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party in Israel’s most recent election [using taxpayer dollars]. He became only the latest of our Democratic US presidents to do so. First, Obama — according to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg…— tried to “force a rupture in the governing [Netanyahu] coalition…” READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Heeding Democratic Warnings Caroline Glick: Every day Israel is subjected to a torrent of warnings from Democrats. “You will pay a price for your support of President Donald Trump,” we are told. “He won’t be president forever, and when he’s gone, watch out!” The basic notion, repeated over and over again is clear enough. If Israel doesn’t want to be punished by the next Democratic White House – which we are warned will make us long for Barack Obama – then we’d better stop talking about the fact that Trump is the best ally and friend Israel has ever had in the White House.

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