New York Times enthusiastically promotes Hamas agenda

‘New York Times’ shills for ‘largely peaceful’ Gazan rioters and arsonists
by Andrea Levin
July 26, 2018

A shill is the surreptitious partner of a huckster salesman, revving up an audience to believe a sales pitch and buy a product. Looking back at months of rioting and arson along the Gaza border with Israel—and the distorted rendition of reality by The New York Times of those events—it’s undeniable that the publication has promoted Hamas propaganda, relaying to its millions of readers what the terrorist group wanted them to believe and omitting what Hamas preferred concealed. The product sold? Israel as aggressor, Palestinians as victims. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Peggy Shapiro: Aggressive-Passive Reporting on Israel …When a journalist presents all violence committed by Hamas in the passive voice – “Israel hit by rockets” – it leaves the impression that there was no perpetrator. When the same journalist uses the active voice – “Israel carries out strikes” – to describe Israel’s response, it attributes blame to Israel and portrays Israel as the aggressor. Headlining “Soldier dies from gunshot” omits the shooter and implies that no one pulled the trigger. Too many headlines and articles lack explicit reference to an actor unless the actor is Jewish/Israeli.     

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