Martin Kramer says the NYT just made a claim about David Ben Gurion that he debunked last month

Debunked, but still fit to print on page one
by Martin Kramer
July 27, 2018

…In Monday’s [New York Times] edition, on page A1, an article by Max Fisher appeared under the headline “Israel, Riding Nationalist Tide, Puts Identity First. It Isn’t Alone.”…containing this [supposed] quote: “But Ben-Gurion insisted that Israel give up the territories it had conquered. If it did not, he said, occupation would distort the young state, which had been founded to protect not just the Jewish people but their ideals of democracy and pluralism”….I thoroughly debunked it at Mosaic Magazine…I went to the trouble of asking the Ben-Gurion Archives in Sde Boker to help locate the transcript of the talk that Hertzberg attended. They did, and there’s no evidence whatsoever that Ben-Gurion said what Hertzberg claimed he heard. READ MORE

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