“Far from being the president that transformed Iran’s fortunes for the better, Mr Rouhani will forever be remembered as one of the most disastrous leaders in the country’s history”

Hassan Rouhani’s Iranian Presidency Has Been an Abject Failure
by Con Coughlin
August 5, 2021

When Iranian President Hassan Rouhani leaves office today, Thursday, he will do so in the knowledge that his eight-year term has been little more than an abject failure, both at home and abroad. Back in 2013, when the 72-year-old Mr Rouhani became Iran’s seventh post-revolutionary president, his central campaign pledge was to improve the country’s economic well-being. In addition he promised to adopt a more liberal approach to domestic policy while seeking to forge a more constructive engagement with the outside world. Eight years later, with the Iranian economy on its knees and the country facing further international isolation, Mr Rouhani finds himself leaving office with his reputation in tatters and the ruling Islamic regime facing a desperate battle for survival. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER New Iranian President’s Cabinet Pick Wanted by Interpol for AMIA Jewish Center Bombing Iran’s incoming interior minister is the subject of one of five outstanding “red notices” issued by Interpol, the international law enforcement agency, connected with the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires in which 85 people died and hundreds more wounded.

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