“Two decades after a terrorist massacre in Jerusalem, the incident remains a necessary, if ghastly, reminder of the essential nature of a conflict that couldn’t be solved by Israeli concessions”

The bombing of Sbarro’s and why Oslo failed
by Jonathan S. Tobin
August 10, 2021

…A little more than a month before 9/11, Israel suffered a terrorist attack that, while smaller in scale than the assault on New York and Washington, was also traumatic. And, in contrast, to the American reaction to the efforts of Al-Qaeda, what happened on Aug. 9, 2001 is still crucial to understanding not only Israeli attitudes toward the notion of a peace process with the Palestinians, but the Jewish state’s need for defensive measures to ensure that the events of that day won’t be repeated. One year into the Palestinian war of terrorist attrition that became known as the Second Intifada, Palestinian operatives strapped a device including explosives, nails, and nuts and bolts to a suicide bomberREAD MORE

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