Artem Dolgopyat won Israel a Gold Medal, and in the process rekindled a long-simmering Israeli debate about what it means to be a Jew

Might a gold medal not be his only legacy?
August 9, 2021

Lev Paschov certainly never imagined that he would be buried twice. An Israeli soldier who had immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union through the Law of Return (which allows anyone who had at least one Jewish grandparent to immigrate to Israel), Paschov was killed while on active duty in southern Lebanon in 1993. Because Paschov’s mother was not Jewish, he was, according to halakhah (Jewish religious law), not Jewish. The Israeli army’s rabbi therefore insisted that Paschov be buried outside the official military cemetery, which was consecrated exclusively for Jewish burial. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Will a gold medal introduce civil marriage in Israel? Israel is the only country that defines itself as a democracy yet does not enable civil marriages but only religious marriages, and in the case of Jews only Orthodox marriages.

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