“Few voices, in other words, are tackling the actual cause of Chicago’s violence: the breakdown of the black family structure and a demoralized police department”

A Tale of Three Cities
by Brian C. Joondeph
August 10, 2018

…Chicago has become more dangerous than many cities in the war-torn Middle East.  This past weekend was another example of the killing fields of Chicago: “[a]t least 72 shot, 13 killed in Chicago over violent summer weekend, police department says.”  What’s the mayor of Chicago doing in response?  Maintaining and bolstering Chicago’s status as a “sanctuary city” and virtue-signaling to fellow progressives, prioritizing illegal aliens over Chicago residents…Chicago’s last Republican mayor finished his term in 1931, almost a century ago, followed by a string of Democrat mayors up to the present time. READ MORE

CITY JOURNAL Heather MacDonald: Shooting Up Chicago: Thugs terrorize their neighbors in the Windy City Garry McCarthy, who headed the CPD when Laquan McDonald was infamously shot in 2014, blasted [Mayor] Emanuel for ignoring the violence in favor of downtown development….But McCarthy engaged in some fake news, suggesting that the public should not buy the fact that the murder rate is actually down, in light of this weekend’s violence. McCarthy ran Compstat (the revolutionary police-accountability system) for the New York Police Department; he of all people should know that both facts can be true: murder and shootings can be down from the 2016 and 2017 rates and still be unacceptably high. READ MORE

NATIONAL REVIEW Is the Crime Boom Over? Even After Chicago? Data from other cities suggest that the murder uptick that started in 2015 is tapering off

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