Trump’s Iran sanctions: “Rather than just hitting the nation’s economy, U.S. penalties should target those responsible for repression”

Trump’s Sanctions Miss a Chance to Help Iran’s Protesters
by Eli Lake
August 7, 2018

In light of the recent demonstrations in Iranian cities, one might think the Donald Trump administration would want to link Monday’s re-implementation of sanctions to the struggles of Iran’s freedom movement…And yet the new punishments announced by the Treasury are blunt weapons that punish the entire Iranian economy, as opposed to more narrow measures that punish the regime…The U.S. should consider some more targeted alternatives. One that almost all Iranian democracy advocates support is re-imposing penalties on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. The IRIB is the umbrella organization that controls the regime’s domestic and foreign propaganda.  READ MORE

GATESTONE EU Unable to Neutralize US Sanctions against Iran The European Union has announced a new regulation aimed at shielding European companies from the impact of US sanctions on Iran. The measure, which has been greeted with skepticism by the European business media, is unlikely to succeed: it expects European companies to risk their business interests in the US market for interests in the much smaller Iranian market.

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