Purpose of Israel’s Nation State Bill was “to codify into Israel’s Basic Laws — akin to a constitution — aspects of Israeli identity long taken for granted by Israelis and outsiders alike”

The Jewish State’s Nation-State Bill Non-Scandal
by Bret Stephens
August 10, 2018

Anyone who follows the news from Israel knows that the Knesset last month passed legislation that takes the Jewish state a step closer to apartheid and outright theocracy. For instance, the bill explicitly authorizes Jewish-only communities and requires secular courts to adopt Jewish ritual law in certain cases. It also promotes the settlements. Actually, the nation-state bill, as the legislation is known, does none of that. Nearly all of its most controversial provisions were stripped from it before passage. But you’d be forgiven for assuming otherwise based on the reaction to the bill — reaction that is far more revealing than the bill itself. READ MORE

YNET NEWS Palestinians push initiative to remove Israel from UN Israeli officials are rolling up their sleeves as Palestinians attempt to remove or suspend Israel from the United Nations over the contentious Nation-State Law, in a similar move to one imposed on Apartheid-era South Africa.

JNS Israel’s Arabs must make a choice The difference between the noble protest against the nation-state law by the Druze and the mean-spirited one by some Israeli Arabs is that the former desire with all their hearts to be part of us, while the latter, who suffer from primeval hatred and envy, want to destroy us. 

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