“This is that time to invite one of your most outspoken opponents on any issue out for lunch. Break bread. Look each other in the eyes. Calmly discuss. Be a mensch. Learn something. I have one scheduled for Friday”

Kavanaugh and the Politics of Dehumanization
by Sohrab Ahmari
October 2, 2018

Britt, Brady, Fair, and many other Kavanaugh opponents in mainstream liberal institutions are engaging in a brand of politics that denies fairness, courtesy, and dignity to the enemy. In the eyes of those who would destroy his nomination, Kavanaugh and his family are no longer human beings, if they ever were. Instead, they stand in for every social evil, every unearned privilege, every “structure of oppression,” every historical injustice. The Kavanaughs are political demons. This is the politics of dehumanization, in other words. READ MORE

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