“In order to reclaim those liberal and progressive causes, liberal American Jews must force a total rejection of the anti-Zionism and anti-Zionists within the political left”

The real rift: how the left is driving liberal Jews away from Israel
by Bruce Portnoy
October 20, 2018

…Let’s be clear: There is a rift, but it isn’t between Israel and American Jewry. Fights over religious coercion and pluralism have been going on for decades, making these latest eruptions nothing new in Israel. What has changed is the position of Zionism on the political left in America. Suddenly being a liberal and a Zionist or a progressive and a Zionist in America isn’t so comfortable. What has emerged, then, is the real rift — between liberal Jews and the American left. And the greatest danger to Israel and to American Jewry is the almost total silence to reverse it. READ MORE

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