Rabbi David Wolpe: “Calls to excommunicate pro-Trump Jews are not simply wrong. They’re poison”

The Misguided Rabbis of Twitter
by Rabbi David Wolpe
October 29, 2018

My synagogue is on the west side of Los Angeles. On a rough guess, about half of my congregants support Donald Trump. Many of those who do, but certainly not all, are from the Persian community. We have had frank discussions. They know I deplore many of the things he says and I oppose much of what he does. They know that I have criticized, publicly and privately, the inflammatory rhetoric of his presentations and warned them of its effects. READ MORE

Politicizing the Massacre of Eleven Pittsburgh Jews Must Stop
by Shmuley Boteach
October 29, 2018

…In fact, if Robert Bowers had been a Palestinian and his eleven victims Jews living in Israel, he and his family would have been collecting their terror-pension for the rest of their lives. And until the passing of the Taylor Force Act, would have thanked us for the cash. Ultimately, though, what makes the accusations of antisemitism against Trump especially unfair is the fact that beyond just having Jewish friends and associates, he is the first president of the United States to have Jewish children and grandchildren. READ MORE

Stop politicizing The Pittsburgh Massacre Sincerely, Your Israeli Brother
by Yishai Fleisher
October 29, 2018

From Israel, America looks like one big reality TV show, one featuring a society caught up in some kind of mad inner psychological battle…Americans seem both ungrateful for what they have and at the same time addicted to needless fights. It seems like everything coming out of America these days is about the Left or the Right, about MSNBC or Fox News. And it’s always, always, about finding someone to blame: Trump killed those Jews; guns killed those Jews; incivility killed those Jews. READ MORE

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