“Antisemitism is a politics of misdirected blame. Today its most frequent target is the state of Israel”

The Many Faces of Jew-Hatred
by Ruth Wisse
Oct. 31, 2018

…The most discouraging feature of the anti-Israel brand of anti-Semitism is its penetration of Western societies, including the U.S. That a single shooter wants to kill the Jews is less dangerous to this country than Louis Farrakhan’s smiling designation of Jews as “termites,” broadcast to a vast audience, or the vicious movement to boycott Israel—an extension of the Arab boycott launched in 1945. The incursion of fanatical anti-Israel politics into the American campus and the Democratic Party is a threat not to the Jews alone but to what they represent in liberal democracy. READ MORE SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT

TIMES OF ISRAEL Benjamin Anthony: Pittsburgh, The outrage that didn’t shock me …No quarter must be given to those who question the Jewishness of the victims, nor to those who lay blame at the foot of the policies of the Israeli government. Jewish blood has been spilled in America. It has been spilled in quantities that were unimaginable less than a week ago…We should allow nobody to ply their petty, political agenda against a particular US administration, Republican or Democrat, present or past.

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