“This is why ‎Israel prefers a weakened #Hamas to survive and is in no rush to ‎replace it”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Israel’s patience in Gaza will pay off ‎
by Dr Reuven Berko
November 21, 2018

Israeli politics, however, would confuse anyone. If Israel strikes ‎Gaza, the various “peace-lovers” among us complain that the ‎government is all too eager to “sacrifice our soldiers” in another ‎‎”reckless round of futile bloodshed,” and they decry the lack of ‎‎”proportionality” and the “foolish” refusal to negotiate with the ‎‎”moderates” on the Palestinian side. ‎ If Israel avoids mounting a strike in Gaza over security ‎considerations that the military and other security services deem ‎valid, the critics lambaste the government’s weakness, hesitation ‎and “cowardly policy.”…Israel’s anxiety about its international image allows Hamas to make ‎brazen statements and extortionist demands.  ‎READ MORE

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