Arab Likud candidate praises Netanyahu as strong leader and “brushes aside criticism of the party’s spearheading of the recently-passed Nation State law”

i24 NEWS
Muslim woman running for Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party shunned by family
January 10, 2019

A Muslim Arab woman running as a candidate for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party defended her decision in an interview with i24NEWS on Tuesday, despite her having been shunned as “disloyal” by her family.Dima Tayeh, from the village of Kafr Manda in Israel’s northern Galilee region, announced earlier this week that she would be seeking a spot on the Likud list. If elected, she would be the first Muslim Arab lawmaker to join the Likud party…On Wednesday, Tayeh’s family released a statement denouncing her opinions and shunning her until she “declares loyalty to her people and her faith”. READ MORE

ELDER OF ZIYON/JNS Donna Shalala: The Arab freshman member of Congress you AREN’T hearing about – because she is pro-Israel and anti-BDS  “I’m absolutely opposed to a boycott of any kind both in terms of disinvestment, as well as in the attacks on Israeli academics by the British Union. I was one of the first college presidents in the country to denounce that…” Interestingly, Shalala was honored by the American University of Beirut with an honorary degree (she’s of Lebanese ancestry) and students protested because she is “Zionist.”

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