“When he asked whether any of the Jews fought back, the Nazi’s wife, Stella — an accomplice — jumped in: “They were like lambs”

P.I.-turned Nazi hunter blames passive Jewish leaders for the 99.9% who got away
by Dave Gordon
January 27, 2019

…Presenting himself as a young, clean-cut, strapping man in suit and tie, [Steven] Rambam gathered these stories throughout the 1990s, clipboard and tape recorder in hand. Told at length to the ostensible foreign university scholar, they came from Nazi war criminals who had been living comfortable lives on foreign soil for several decades, unashamed to use their real names, unashamed to speak openly about what they did. The first person Rambam interviewed and recorded was a police chief from Lithuania, Antanas Kenstavicius, who, with other men, murdered 5,000 Jews in six days, including children, in the town of Ignalina. READ MORE

JTA Book commissioned by Hitler with data for Jews in US and Canada on display A book commissioned by Adolf Hitler and which he would have used to continue the Final Solution in the United States and Canada is on display in Ottawa by its new Canadian owners as part of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Titled: “Statistics., Media, and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Canada,” the 137-page German-language volume compiled in 1944 was part of Hitler’s personal library, and contained city-by-city statistical details about Jewish communities in the U.S. and Canada. The book presents a harrowing view of what might have happened if the Nazis had won.

TIMES OF ISRAEL Remembering the Holocaust, Poland blots out any mention of its complicity The Polish government marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday, but completely ignored the complicity of Poles who actively participated in crimes against Jews during World War II. Rather, Warsaw seemed to stress Polish suffering and Polish efforts to rescue Jews, leading an Israeli Holocaust historian [Havi Dreifuss] to charge that Poland is trying to make the Nazi genocide look like a “Polish rescue project.”

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