Antisemitism, an ancient demon reemerges in Europe: “The rise in antisemitism is occurring in step with mass migration from Muslim-majority countries”

European Jews Don’t Need to Be Defined by Anti-Semitism
by Ben Judah
February 21, 2019

…Both Berger in Britain and Finkielkraut in France were telling the same story—the days that European Jews could lead public lives not defined by anti-Semitism were over. We were back, not to the days of Hitler, but to the days of Benjamin Disraeli and Pierre Mendès-France, when being a Jewish public figure was a constant struggle. Not deadly, not insurmountable, just exhausting. A process of endlessly navigating an ever-mutating conspiracy theory against you. This goes just as much for figures on the left as figures to their right or in the center. READ MORE

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