Media ignore Farrakhan’s Chicago speech blaming Jews for society’s problems

With the exception of conservative media like Fox News, Free Beacon and National Review, this story has been ignored by mainstream media (google “Farrakan” and “Chicago”). If anyone else this famous had spoken such hateful words about Blacks, Hispanics or gays — in Chicago’s United Center with thousands in attendance no less — this would be a major story.

Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan Teams Up With Notorious Holocaust Denier at Saviours’ Day 2019 Conference
February 17, 2019

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam teamed up with a Holocaust denier and anti-Semitic ideologue to attack the Jewish religion and blame numerous ills of modern society on Jews, during the keynote event at the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day  conference in Chicago.  Speaking before a crowd of several thousand at the United Center and an unknown number on a livestream, Farrakhan was preceded by Michael A. Hoffman II, who suggested that ancient Jewish texts are equivalent to teachings “from the church of satan.” Hoffman is a well-known Holocaust denier who has denounced belief in the “fake homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau,” though he did not reiterate those beliefs at this event. READ MORE

THE FEDERALIST The Epidemic Of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes In Brooklyn Is No Hoax While the nation was focused on a hoaxed hate crime, Brooklyn’s Jews have been repeatedly and actually attacked. Are we not discussing it because most of the perpetrators are black? In most of these cases there is no apparent motive beyond anti-Semitism. No robbery occurs, and often the attackers — generally black men — and their victims are complete strangers.

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