Kamala Harris: “She wears her careerism too transparently and her ideological flexibility will seem calculating and disingenuous rather than wise”

If you miss Hillary Clinton, you’re going to love Kamala Harris
by Christopher Buskirk
February 28, 2019

…On the flipside, when questioned about the killing of Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, she took the opportunity to praise sanctuary laws. And though a longtime foe of prostitution as a prosecutor, Harris reversed her position in preparation for her presidential run because a large part of the liberal base considers what they call ‘sex work as a dignified, even empowering, career choice for women’. The point is that real liberals realize that Harris is an opportunist. Yet, there are many Democrats who like Harris because they think that with her they get the only thing better than Barack Obama, which is the female version of Barack Obama. READ MORE

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