“The “Jexodus” movement was started by Jewish millennials who say they are tired of the Democratic party’s “blatant disregard for anti-Semitism”

‘Jexodus’ group helps Jewish millennials leave Democratic Party
by Joseph Wolkin
March 9, 2019

A new movement called “Jexodus” was launched at the beginning of March, in the midst of Democrats announcing their candidates for the 2020 presidential election. Jewish millennials started the group because they said they are tired of the Democratic party’s “blatant disregard for anti-Semitism.” While many Jexodus members have ideals that align with the Democratic party, they feel anti-Israel agendas that veer into anti-Semitism are taking over. Leading the charge for Jexodus is Elizabeth Pipko, who is serving as the group’s national spokesperson. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Rabbi Benjamin Blech: Jews and Political Suicide Jews are supposed to be smart. We never stop boasting, at least to ourselves, about the number of Nobel prize winners from our people, the amazing contributions we have made and continue to make to the world in every field of endeavor. Why is it then that when it comes to politics, to making our voices heard in ways which promote the most important areas of our self-interest and yes, even our survival, we seem to abdicate reason and side with those who make clear that they are our enemies?

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