“Even as Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, et al. are embarked on “apology tours,” to beg forgiveness for various centrist “blots” on their records, they’re all flocking to pose with someone who has never apologized for a single misdeed”

It’s sad to see 2020 Dems kissing Sharpton’s…ring
Post Editorial Board
April 3, 2019

If he beckons, they all come — the Democratic presidential field, that is, to bow down and pay homage to Al Sharpton. No fewer than 12 members of the 2020 pack will show up this week for the four-day National Action Network convention, where The Rev is holding court. That Sharpton — with his decades-long dubious record of racial incitement, demagoguery, corporate shakedowns, tax liens and other fiscal shenanigans — can summon Democrats like lemmings with the snap of his fingers is a deeply depressing sign of how low that party has sunk. READ MORE

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