Deborah Lipstadt: “Trump’s family-separation policy is horrible, but equating it with genocide is both historically and strategically misguided”

It’s Not the Holocaust
by Deborah Lipstadt
June 22, 2018

The Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents brought a flood of comparisons to the Holocaust. Some described the facilities used to hold the children as “concentration camps.” ice officials have been called Nazis. President Trump and those around him have been described as Hitler and kapos.  Former CIA Director Michael Hayden posted a picture of the entrance to Birkenau with the message, “Other governments have separated mothers and children.” READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL Trump’s Critics Desecrate the Holocaust Separating alien families was an inhumane policy. Likening it to the Nazi genocide is obscene.

NEW YORK POST John Podhoretz: Stop cheapening the Holocaust to score political points We’ve been witness to the same distressing intellectual trend this week, as prominent Americans…have made explicit analogies between what has been going on at the Mexican border with the separation of children from their parents that preceded the gassing and murder at Nazi concentration camps.

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