Krauthammer: “What began as an experiment has become the very heart of the Jewish people – its cultural, spiritual, and psychological center, soon to become its demographic center as well. Israel is the hinge”

A Tribute to Charles Krauthammer
by David M. Weinberg
June 22, 2018

Krauthammer understood that American Jewry was dying. “Nothing will revive the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe and the Islamic world. And nothing will stop the rapid decline by assimilation of Western Jewry.” The dynamics of assimilation were inexorable in America and elsewhere, he wrote. Israel, Krauthammer understood, was different. “Exceptional,” he called it – because Israel was about “reattachment of Russian and Romanian, Uzbeki and Iraqi, Algerian and Argentinean Jews to a distinctively Hebraic culture,” and this gave it civilizational and societal staying power for the long term. Israel “is now the principal drama of Jewish history,” he wrote. READ MORE

AISH Farewell to Charles Krauthammer Krauthammer was trained from a young age in the rigors of honest debate and critical thinking. He attended Orthodox day school, studying traditional Jewish texts for half the day and becoming fluent in Hebrew. His father, an observant Jew, strongly encouraged Talmud study, and while his classmates were out playing baseball, young Charles endured many extra after-school study sessions

THE ATLANTIC Matthew Continetti: What Krauthammer Meant to Conservatives of My Generation Krauthammer often found himself at a distance from conservative positions on abortion, same-sex marriage, stem-cell research, intelligent design, and the place of religion in public life

NATIONAL REVIEW George Will: Charles Krauthammer, a Diagnostician of Our Public Discontents Lucky for us, he became not a medical doctor but one of America’s foremost public intellectuals

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