“Antisemitism by attrition”: Wikipedia “has turned turned from ‘doing its best’ into a manipulated monster that breeds ill-will towards Jewish people”

Project Wiki – how Wikipedia is breeding armies of antisemites
by David Collier
December 31, 2020

Tell people that Wiki is a problem when it comes to antisemitism or historical revisionism and they will most likely brush you off. You will hear stock responses that range from ‘everyone knows that about Wikipedia‘ or ‘I only use it as a guide‘ to the more expertly constructed excuse that ‘most people understand it isn’t 100% accurate, but it is a good starting point to gather further sources‘. Sometimes they’ll acknowledge Wiki is a minor problem but claim it ‘does its best’ in the circumstances and suggest it has far too many benefits to give up. I think these attitudes grossly understate the danger Wiki poses and the damage it has already done. READ MORE

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