“At the #NYTimes, hostile coverage didn’t even pause for Jewish holidays”

New York Times Hit New Lows in 2020 on Israel and Jews
by Ira Stoll
January 3, 2020

…Zionist Jews were pushed out at the Times editorial page, while non-Zionists ascended. Times editorial page editor James Bennet, opinion editor and writer Bari Weiss, and opinion page staffer Adam Rubenstein were all ousted. The new regime, led by interim editorial page editor Kathleen Kingsbury leaned heavily on avowed Israel critic Max Strasser, and promoted Peter Beinart after he disavowed Zionism in the paper’s op-ed pages. Even while Bennet was still ostensibly in charge, a presidential endorsement interview process led by Kingsbury featured Times editorial board members doggedly grilling Democratic politicians about which of President Trump’s pro-Israel decisions they would commit to reversing if elected: i.e., “Why wouldn’t you move the embassy back?” READ MORE

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