“If Orthodox Jews were really to blame for spreading the coronavirus, as the mayor asserted, why weren’t their neighborhoods added to his ‘hardest hit’ list designated to receive the vaccine ASAP?”

De Blasio’s Perfect Patsies
by Liel Leibovitz
December 28, 2020

Are the Jews to blame for spreading COVID-19 throughout New York City? That’s what Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested in an inflammatory tweet back in April, which, in his typical bumbling fashion, he defended for six months before kinda, sorta walking it back. Never mind all that. The city is serious! It believes in science! Earlier this week, the mayor’s office launched its “NYC Vaccine for All” campaign, announcing that it will begin offering the COVID vaccine soonest. Who will get it first? Naturally, the neighborhoods “hardest hit” by the pandemic, the mayor’s office assured us, 27 of them in total. READ MORE

SPECTATOR A Vaccine Passover for New York’s Jews The dense [Jewish] neighborhoods of Brooklyn where so many of the most publicly devout Jews live are among the hardest hit by the virus in the city, by the numbers…So of course, those neighborhoods have the statistics that would give them near-top priority for the vaccine…But not for Comrade Bill the mayor. He has passed over the Boro Park and Crown Heights and Williamsburg where most of those kinds of Jews he has targeted are to be found. 

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