“Statements by the UK and the EU about what Israel should or should not do must now be viewed for what they are; nothing more than the bleating of a shepherd-less flock utterly oblivious to it’s own lack of direction”

The Heights Of European Audacity
by Benjamin Anthony
April 3, 2019

…Just last week, nearly three years on from the referendum, Prime Minister May’s Brexit deal was again rejected by parliament – for the third time!…Well Britain and Europe, here’s your chance to show us just how simple what you’ve been calling upon Israel to do actually is. We are waiting to be regaled by your élan. Or might it just be the case that your failure to perform that which you continue to demand of Israel is due to matters being slightly more complicated than your own silly soundbites would have people believe?…Israel’s leadership ought to look at this band of European jesters and remind both sides of the Brexit fiasco of some basic realities when next they come to opine on our future. READ MORE

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