Comedian Owen Benjamin: “So when I criticize the Jew, you realize I’m criticizing the most racist people on the planet”

How Much Did YouTube and PayPal Make From Owen Benjamin’s Jew-Hatred?
by Dexter Van Zile
April 24, 2019

As the comedian, who goes by the name of Owen Benjamin, rants about the evil, hate-worthy Jews who are responsible for all the problems of the world, his supporters make comments on YouTube’s live chat stream that vilify and demonize Jews. They type things like “With Jews You Lose,” “Jews became their own god,” “The bible is a jew scam,” “MUZZIES ARE PWNS OF JEWS,” and “BOLSHEVIK JEWS ZIONIST JEWS SAME CONTROL FREAKS.”…In early April, he had 246,000 subscribers on his YouTube account. READ MORE

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