Gaza, The New State Solution “can happen in the near-term, leaving future negotiations over the West Bank, including sure-to-be-difficult ones over the status of Jerusalem, to another day”

The new state solution: A creative, big idea to jump-start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians
by Yaakov Peri, Amir Avivi and Benjamin Anthony
April 21, 2019

…We call our approach The New State Solution. The plan calls for the establishment of a free, independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, where half of all Palestinians live, that would be expanded southwards, to incorporate approximately 10% of the northern, coastal area of the Sinai Peninsula. Gaza, that very same strip of land that is deemed hopeless and doomed, is actually the place that offers a realistic opportunity to create a change to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and a change that genuinely serves the interests of both sides. That should be the site of the state for all Palestinians. READ MORE

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