Yom Hashoah 2019: Peggy Shapiro from StandWithUs tells her story: “So it came that I was born in Lansberg, Germany, the same place where Hitler had written Mein Kampf, his plan for genocide, his plan to prevent my existence”

One Story Multiplied by Six Million
by Peggy Shapiro
April 30, 2019

On Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, we gather to remember the Shoah. Although it happened almost 75 years ago, it has left scars on us all and forever blemished humanity. But for me, it is very personal. I was born in a refugee camp in Lansberg, Germany, near the ashes of my family and a vanished thousand-year-old Jewish community. My parents were teenage survivors of concentration camps. Between them, they had lost 182 family members. By miracle and chance, they survived, met each other after the war, fell in love, and made a heroic commitment to “choose life.” READ MORE

JNS Love letters of the Shoah: Messages thrown from cattle cars convey final wishes, prayers, blessings “Last Letters From the Holocaust: 1944,” an online exhibit from Yad Vashem, has arrived on its website just in time for Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), which this year corresponds to May 2. Click here to view the online exhibit.

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