Disturbing, not surprising: “Recent poll shows that nothing Trump might do for Israel would impact the opinions of Jewish voters”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
What happens when Israel is your lowest priority?
by Jonathan S. Tobin
May 24, 2019

…But if there is one number that you can learn from a deep dive into the survey’s findings, it’s that only 28 percent of the Jews polled say that support for Israel is one of the most important issues that determine how they vote. That puts it on the bottom of a list of issues presented to them, ranking far below concerns about protecting Medicare and Social Security (the No. 1 issue), health care, gun control, abortion, the Supreme Court, education, taxes and immigration, among others. As the executive summary of the poll summed it up, “Israel is the lowest policy priority for Jewish voters.” READ MORE

ALGEMEINER New Poll of US Jews Connects Growing Anxiety Over Antisemitism With Broader Opposition to Trump The poll — commissioned by the left-leaning Jewish Electorate Institute (JEI) and carried out by veteran Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg — also showed that support for Israel was the lowest political priority among non-Orthodox American Jews, with Trump’s dramatic realignment with the Israeli government over the last two years having virtually no positive impact on his standing in the community.

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