America’s best diplomat is schooling the Germans again. This time, it’s about Jew hatred.

Grenell schools Germans about wearing the Jewish kippa
by Monica Showalter
May 26, 2019

The US government’s most high-profile ambassador in Europe, Richard Grenell, said Jews in Germany should not conceal their religious identity and urged them to wear kippot in defiance of a Sunday statement from Germany’s commissioner to combat antisemitism to avoid kippot in public..For [Germany’s]  anti-Semitism commissioner to suggest that Jews need to hide — rather than the cops crack down on violent Nazis and Islamofascists targeting Jews and teaching them a lesson they’ll never forget — is quite despicable. READ MORE

DEUTSCHE WELLE German official warns Jews against wearing kippahs in public The German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner on Saturday warned the country’s Jewish community to avoid donning yarmulkes, the traditional Jewish head coverings for males, in some public spaces due to a rise in anti-Semitic crimes. 

TIMES OF ISRAEL Top German paper to print cutout kippah in solidarity with Jews The editor of Bild, Germany’s largest newspaper, on Sunday said he will print a Jewish skullcap on the front page of the Monday paper so that Germans can cut it out and wear it in solidarity with the local Jewish community.

JERUSALEM POST German Jews demand ban on Hezbollah after kippah warning The nearly 100,000-member Central Council of Jews in Germany urged Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration to outlaw the entire terrorist entity Hezbollah. Just days after Dr. Felix Klein, Merkel’s commissioner to combat antisemitism and support Jewish life in Germany, said it is not safe for Jews to wear kippot in public…

THE TOWER Every Jewish Institution in Germany Needs Police Protection, Merkel Warns Every Jewish institution in Germany requires police protection, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an exclusive interview with CNN on Tuesday. Speaking to Christian Amanpour about rising levels of anti-Jewish hate, Merkel warned of “dark forces” gaining ground in Germany and across Europe.

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