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America’s best diplomat is schooling the Germans again. This time, it’s about Jew hatred.

AMERICAN THINKER Grenell schools Germans about wearing the Jewish kippa by Monica Showalter May 26, 2019 …The US government’s most high-profile ambassador in Europe, Richard Grenell, said Jews in Germany should not conceal their religious identity and urged them to … Continue reading

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In Geneva, in front of the corrupt UNHRC “Grenell also questioned how it was that members of the council could sit in judgment over Israel when they themselves didn’t adhere to the basic principles of the UN Charter”

THE TOWER U.S. Ambassador at UNHRC: Applying One Standard to Israel and No One Else is Anti-Semitic by Staff March 19, 2019 Declaring the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) policy toward Israel to be anti-Semitic, the United States Ambassador … Continue reading

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