In Geneva, in front of the corrupt UNHRC “Grenell also questioned how it was that members of the council could sit in judgment over Israel when they themselves didn’t adhere to the basic principles of the UN Charter”

U.S. Ambassador at UNHRC: Applying One Standard to Israel and No One Else is Anti-Semitic
by Staff
March 19, 2019

Declaring the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) policy toward Israel to be anti-Semitic, the United States Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell denounced the council’s “singular, obsessive focus” on the Jewish State in a speech he gave Monday in Geneva. Grenell’s speech was part of a rally organized by UN Watch, a watchdog group that holds the UN and its agencies accountable to abide by the principles put forth in the UN Charter. The rally, which protested the anti-Israel bias at the UNHRC, drew 1,000 people and featured prominent speakers. In addition to Grenell, UN Watch’s executive director Hillel Neuer, former director general of Israel’s Foreign Ministry Dore Gold, and former MK Einat Wilf also spoke. READ MORE

JNS Experts reveal major fallacies in UN inquiry on Gaza report Following the testimony, hundreds gathered for the historic “Rally for Equal Rights” to protest UNHRC’s unprecedented assault on Israel, in which the council targeted the Jewish state in seven biased reports…“The United Nations has played directly into Hamas’s hand and the UNHRC is but an instrument of Hamas terrorism. This report, as well as countries that vote for it, encourage Hamas towards further terrorism in the future”

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