“Is there any evidence linking police brutality in the US with Israeli police?”

No, Israel is Not Responsible for Police Brutality in the US
by Tomer Ilan
June 7, 2019

Haters constantly attempt to slander Israel as a “white-supremacist” state. Using lies and distortions, they are trying to convince African-Americans that Israel hates blacks and that they should hate Israel. Unfortunately, the lies seem to be working. In a recent poll, only 46% of black Americans viewed Israel as “ally” or “friendly”, compared to 67% percent of whites. One of the accusations leveled at Israel, is that Israel is responsible for police brutality against blacks in America, because Israel has trained U.S. police forces in “brutal tactics” it uses against Palestinians. For instance, a black movement has recently attacked the Congressional Black Caucus for their support of Israel, citing the same accusation. READ MORE

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