“In the hate business, antisemitism was always an easy sell and business is really good now”

Anti-Israel rhetoric has always been about the Jews
by Nitsana Darshan-Leitner
June 10, 2021

Israel’s hardcore critics reserved never-before-seen toxicity in their venomous assaults for this go-round. Israel’s antagonists used terms such as “disproportionate use of force,” “illegal,” “immoral” and “ethnic cleansing” to redefine Israel’s right to self-defense as a crime. The pundits pressed into the Palestinian propaganda machine leveled the abhorrent accusations that Israel was an “apartheid” nation. Hamas, a terrorist army that sends young men and women to their doom as suicide bombers, was portrayed as the innocent victim, a protector of human rights. Any lie repeated often and loudly enough eventually gains traction, no matter how utterly ridiculous. It was a nuanced distortion of reality. READ MORE

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