The Squad’s ideas “which are now mainstream in universities, are dividing the country by race, religion, and income and pitting those angry factions against each other”

Ilhan Omar and Contempt for America
by Charles Lipson
June 15, 2021

…The problem here goes well beyond Ilhan Omar, a Somali refugee who was welcomed to American and now sits in Congress, seething with contempt for her adopted country, its tolerant values, and those of its allies. The Democrats are stuck with a whole Squad of like-minded representatives and thousands, perhaps millions, of young supporters eager to promote these socialist attacks on America. That’s not just a problem for the Democrats. That’s a problem for the country. Ordinary Americans are finally waking up to the danger. They see the pernicious impact of these ideas, which routinely condemn the police, demand they be defunded, support lax prosecutors (“Justice Democrats”), and say our prisons should be dismantled because they are the products of systemic racism. READ MORE

THE FEDERALIST Jonathan Tobin: If Ilhan Omar Were A Republican, She’d Be Treated Like Marjorie Taylor Greene Fear of being called racist and Islamophobic kept many Jewsish Democrats from condemning Ilhan Omar’s comparison of Israel and America to terrorist groups.

I24NEWS Hamas criticizes Rep. Omar for equating it with Israel In an unlikely twist to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s recent equation of democratic states such as the United States and Israel with the Taliban and Hamas, the latter group has taken the lawmaker to task following her comments regarding alleged war crimes. 

TIMES OF ISRAEL Democrats, GOP back off plans to rebuke Ilhan Omar, Marjorie Taylor Greene Amid concerns of political fallout, the rival parties retreat from efforts to punish the two lawmakers accused of antisemitism

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