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“Is there any evidence linking police brutality in the US with Israeli police?”

ELDER OF ZIYON No, Israel is Not Responsible for Police Brutality in the US by Tomer Ilan June 7, 2019 Haters constantly attempt to slander Israel as a “white-supremacist” state. Using lies and distortions, they are trying to convince African-Americans … Continue reading

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The battle for Congress

ISRAEL HAYOM by Richard Baehr July 26, 2015 …Far uglier is the transparent attempt to portray opponents of the agreement as ‎racist. A column in The Washington Post by Colbert King does exactly that, suggesting that pretty much all ‎opposition … Continue reading

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America: One Nation, Indivisible

NATIONAL REVIEW by Victor Davis Hanson June 23, 2015 The Confederate battle flag is far from the only worrisome symbol in America today.  …One wonders why in 2015 there is still nomenclature such as“the Congressional Black Caucus,” over half a century … Continue reading

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