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Let our candidates lead by example “before they lecture the country on carbon emissions, gun ownership, and ‘white privilege’”

NATIONAL REVIEW Our Privileged Scolds by Victor Davis Handon September 24, 2019 …So upset are our woke progressive candidates that they insist that the rich, the privileged, the white, and the native-born must now pay ever more penance. Amid such … Continue reading

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“Saudi Arabia, home to 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11, is desperate to see America take up its cause by attacking Iran”

NATIONAL REVIEW Keep It Steady and Cool with Iran, America by Victor Davis Hanson October 1, 2019 Expect more desperate Iranian efforts to prompt a U.S. military response in the Persian Gulf. Trump’s sanctions have cut off 90 percent of … Continue reading

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Our middle classes “became nauseated by the constant elite trashing of their culture, history and traditions, including the tearing down of statues, the Trotskyizing of past heroes, the renaming of public buildings and streets”

AMERICAN GREATNESS Why Are the Western Middle Classes So Angry? by Victor Davis Hanson June 12th, 2019 What is going on with the unending Brexit drama, the aftershocks of Donald Trump’s election and the “yellow vests” protests in France? What … Continue reading

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Victor Davis Hanson: “Trump can be uncouth and crass. But he has shown an empathy for the hollowed-out interior, lacking from prior Republican and Democratic candidates”

CNN What progressives should know about Trump voters by Victor Davis Hanson March 19, 2019 Progressives wonder how in the world could anyone still support President Donald Trump. So here are ten reasons why more than 40% of the electorate … Continue reading

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“Antisemitic blacks assumed that they could not be credibly charged with bigotry and were therefore free to say what they pleased about Jews”

NATIONAL REVIEW The New, New Anti-Semitism by Victor Davis Hanson January 15, 2019 …The new form of the old bias grew most rapidly on the 1960s campus and was fueled by a number of leftist catalysts. The novel romance of … Continue reading

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“Another cultural achievement of Obama was to destroy the last vestiges of a Democratic workers’ party of Humphrey, JFK, or even Bill Clinton and to replace it with a pyramidal party of the poor dependent on government entitlements and reparations, and a small, rich, and hip elite at the top”

AMERICAN GREATNESS Obama Won by Victor Davis Hanson September 23, 2018 …Dividing the country by white and nonwhite made sense to the Obama Administration, because the divide promulgated the idea that Obama had been elected by a record non-white bloc … Continue reading

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“The charge that the border holding areas are akin to Nazi extermination camps does not resonate well with the public, even as Trump polls on illegal immigration better than do his critics”

AMERICAN GREATNESS Why This Immigration Psychodrama Will Also Pass by Victor Davis Hanson June 25th, 2018 A month from now there will be a new manufactured news story that Donald Trump is savage, represents an existential danger, or is unhinged. … Continue reading

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