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“Universities should be expected to provide the conditions within which hard thought, and therefore strong disagreement, independent judgment, and the questioning of stubborn assumptions, can flourish in an environment of the greatest freedom” 

REAL CLEAR POLITICS Restoring Free Speech at Our Universities Charles Lipson September 30, 2022 Now that the autumn semester is well underway, it is worth asking whether students have a chance to participate in free and open debate. The short … Continue reading

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“None of the questions will be answered because none will be asked because the committee’s role is not inquiry but confirmation of a useful narrative”

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON What the January 6 Committee Might Have Been June 16, 2022 A real investigation would have ignited argumentation, cross-examination, and disagreements— the sort of give-and-take for which congressional committees are famous. In contrast, the January 6 show … Continue reading

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“We are stronger together. We’ll be around as long as it takes, supporting and in solidarity with this amazing community and people. Our friendship is solid and everlasting,” posted Israel Consul General to Miami Maor Elbaz-Starinsky

JNS As South Florida grapples with loss, Jewish community props up first responders, family by Faygie Levy Holt June 25, 2021 …Hatzalah is currently mandating a shift schedule to allow its members to get some rest. “A lot of our … Continue reading

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“The most consequential effect of open immigration and lax criminal enforcement is to undermine the safe, stable environment law-abiding citizens need to go about their lives, free from predation”

REAL CLEAR POLITICS Predictable Train Wrecks on Crime and Immigration by Professor Charles Lipson March 11, 2021 If you think really hard, perhaps you can imagine more disastrous policies than throwing open our country’s southern border and abandoning criminal-law enforcement … Continue reading

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“To preserve our democracy, we must resist the mob. That begins with understanding the gravity of the threat and standing up to it”

REAL CLEAR POLITICS Defund the Thought Police by Charles Lipson June 24, 2020 Due process is not the strong suit of mobs. Neither is nuance, open discussion, or disagreement. These inherent defects should be painfully obvious as mobs pull down … Continue reading

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Two from Lipson: “What have these past bureaucratic egregious abuses got to do with CDC, NIH, HHS, and the Wuhan coronavirus? Quite a lot, actually”

REAL CLEAR POLITICS Democracy and Bureaucracy in a Time of Pandemic by Professor Charles Lipson March 19, 2020 As the coronavirus spreads and the Centers for Disease Control work around-the-clock to mitigate the disaster, it’s easy to see why we … Continue reading

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Lipson: Three Steps to Open Campuses to Free Speech

REAL CLEAR POLITICS Stop the Soft Despotism Stifling Campus Free Speech by Charles Lipson March 6, 2017 Last week at Vermont’s Middlebury College, left-wing students and off-campus activists shouted down a prominent conservative speaker, injured a professor as she was … Continue reading

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Obama’s Post-Election Policy Blowout

WALL STREET JOURNAL by Charles Lipson October 28, 2014 Decisions on immigration, Iran and other hot issues that were delayed for political reasons will be coming soon. With the midterm elections looming, the White House has delayed controversial decisions and … Continue reading

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