Jews around the world went “into a calculated frenzy” after Trump referenced their “disloyalty,” which some Jews interpret differently than others

Right From Wrong: What Trump doesn’t understand about Jews
by Ruthie Blum
August 23, 2019

THOUGH TRUMP’S disillusionment may be understandable, it indicates that he doesn’t know much about Jews. This is peculiar, considering the massive amount of time he has spent around them throughout his life as a New York real estate guy and Hollywood reality TV star. Here is what he doesn’t grasp: Only a handful of non-Orthodox Jews vote Republican; the rest pray at the altar of the Democratic Party, no matter what, even when the party turns against Israel. This apparent oddity spurred my father, Norman Podhoretz – a lifelong liberal Democrat who became a conservative Republican – to write an entire book examining the phenomenon. READ MORE

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