Take 2: “This time, #Netanyahu’s tactics regarding Arab turnout have failed him”

Netanyahu cannibalized his own, vilified Israeli Arabs – and fell short
by Tovah Lazaroff
September 19, 2019

In a down and dirty campaign, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cannibalized the Right, declared that Israeli-Arabs are the enemy of the state – and came up short at the ballot box. In 2015 he had a bloc of 48 right-wing politicians that, combined with 13 seats from the ultra-Orthodox parties, gave Netanyahu the required majority. That bloc fell to 44 right-wing politicians, plus 16 ultra-Orthodox parties in April – just one seat short of a majority in the 120-member Knesset. Now that many of the ballots have been counted, it seems as if he has fared even worse, with a right-wing bloc of 39 right-wing politicians and 17 ultra-Orthodox, for a bloc of 56. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL With 95% of vote counted, Blue and White leads Likud 33-32, deadlock persists In near-final tally from Tuesday’s elections, rival blocs no closer to receiving 61 seats needed for Knesset majority without secularist Liberman

AMERICAN SPECTATOR Dov Fischer: Israeli Election Makes As Much Sense As the Prior and Next So Gantz’s only play would be to get Likud to agree to join in a “national unity” Government under his leadership. But Gantz, Ashkenazi, Ya’alon, and Lapid have one thing in common that led them to create their party: They all hate Netanyahu. So they never would sit with Bibi; rather, they would have to convince the other leaders of Bibi’s Likud Party to stab Netanyahu in the back and to dump him.

JERUSALEMU Brilliantly Unpacks: Why are Israelis Heading to the Polls Again?


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